All in one: deal management software + data room service

Businesses that only exist online or offline tend to be unprofitable. At the same time, trading implies that you need to simultaneously monitor the site, social networks, and marketplaces, which creates the need to hire a large staff or look for new solutions. And there are specially designed services that combine both CRM for an online store and accounting for sales in an offline store. So, in this article, we will discuss the best tracking software. 

Benefits of a CRM solution as all in one utility

CPM is a kind of data room service, as the platform provides storage and fast access to data, and the collaboration for users becomes easier – as a result, teamwork is addressed and productivity is increased. CRM contains all the necessary information about users and the chronology of work with them – that is why this system is being implemented in many companies.

Modeling business processes in a CRM system allows you to use the system as an organizer of interaction within the company. Building business processes and embedding them in CRM makes it possible to optimize many tasks, eliminate ineffective iterations in processes, and avoid additional costs. Thus, we get a centralized system aimed at active management, rather than a passive recording of facts.

Modeling, optimization, and management of CRM business processes are in demand not only by the giants of the market but they are also needed by companies of all sizes and all industries. There are processes in all organizations – the length of the chain, the number of business roles, the number of participants in the process, the volume and frequency of a particular task can change. And in a small company, a small unfulfilled task can be lost, which will entail losses like a snowball.

Sales tracking software alternatives

So, there are the following CRM platforms, which are the leaders in the market:

  • amoCRM is a simple SaaS CRM system that allows you to simply maintain a database of contacts and record transactions (in relation to contacts). Contacts and deals can be tagged. A sales funnel is formed based on the amount and status of transactions. There is an opportunity to add fields to the cards of deals and integration with MailChimp.
  • Hubspot is another popular marketing and CRM software, but it’s cloud-based that helps companies track and identify leads and analyze business metrics. It is available free of charge and is suitable for any type of business in various segments such as accounting, construction, etc.
  • Pipedrive is web-based sales tracking and business flow management software through sales planning and transaction monitoring. It is built on an operations-based methodology and optimizes every sales action that leads to converting a prospect or prospect into a successful sale.
  • Zoho CRM is well suited for a midsize business. It is very easy to integrate with SaaS solutions, it is easy to scale, and is flexible enough. For this CRM, just because of the developed market, separate companies are not needed, parasitizing on the programming of individual functions, as is done with some systems.