digital data room

How to manage and sell real estate assets with a digital data room

On the modern world market more and more often it is possible to notice a tendency of companies’ business activity’s transition to a digital format, using cloud technologies. One such technology is a solution that has been recognized by many business leaders around the world – a virtual data room. It has long been tested and found that by working with VDRs, organizations simplify their work, increase their overall productivity and strengthen their data security. VDRs can be used in almost any business sector, including real estate.

What is VDR and what opportunities does it present for real estate?

The virtual data room is a revolutionary solution, which emerged back in the 2000s, but only became widely used 5-10 years ago because of the development of the market and its requirements, it is the best solution. VDR is a cloud-based space that was created to protect and remotely manage sensitive company data. Initially, it was only used for M&A deals but later expanded to other areas. For real estate, the data room is also key; it allows information to be processed quickly and easily. VDR is a robust space that is used to close deals of any complexity, and below we will highlight its features that are particularly useful for the real estate industry:

  • Task management – VDR helps structure each of your projects and makes the process easier
  • Data sharing – transfer the files you need to third-party users within the space without any risk
  • Centralized storage of information -when all the information is in one place and you and your potential clients or investors will be more comfortable working with it
  • Creation of a digital archive – completed deals can be stored in VDR archives and can be accessed at any time if needed

An overview of the benefits of VDRs for real estate companies

Real estate, is an activity that is constantly evolving. To keep up with current trends, companies need to be organized and fast. With a digital data room, you can manage multiple projects simultaneously without sacrificing the quality of your services in any way. You retain control over all the data you provide to your stakeholders, but you can easily manage all the processes. You can do all of this with the following features:

  • Detailed permissions to access and interact with documents – VDR owners can make their sensitive data available for viewing by unauthorized users without any risk because they can control the security level of these documents. You can hide access to files that are not related to your transaction with a partner or a client, as well as limit their capabilities by prohibiting copying, printing, downloading, and forwarding the document
  • Automate document organization – with Data Room you can easily organize any volume of documents into a logical and structured system without spending too much time. To do this, VDR gives you mass uploading, automatic formatting, and indexing, as well as drag-and-drop capabilities and smart search
  • Monitoring and reporting features – the moment you have a lot of pinned users in your space, you’ll still be aware of everything that’s going on within VDR. The space gives you the ability to monitor the actions of each user and generates automatic reports where you can examine user behavior and interest in the transaction in detail
  • Advanced preview features – The best VDRs, such as, allow you to remotely preview properties for your clients. Data rooms support any file format, so you can upload virtual property previews there. This saves you time and speeds up the transaction process