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5 Best Free Antivirus Tools

There might be plenty of reasons why people prefer free antivirus software to paid programs. Regardless of why, the choice is not easier since it’s very difficult to find a solution that delivers a high level of security and offers some extras, too. In case you are looking for the best free antivirus tools, this review is sure to be helpful.

The best tools current market can offer

Once you start comparing different developers and how they protect user’s data, the choice is likely to be narrowed down to the following tools: 1. Bitdefender Free. This edition is worth your attention since the developer used here the same engine the premium versions get. This alone makes it worth trying. Users get excellent protection levels and shield personal information from various threats and viruses. Free Edition doesn’t have anything else, so in case you need more features, upgrade, or pick another solution. 2. Avast Free. This free antivirus edition uses a reliable anti-malware engine that prevents all sorts of threats, including data theft. It’s a separately standing product that also offers a password manager. This tool is very convenient and helpful in data protection. Independent test labs like AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, etc. verify the software is reliable enough since it detects most threats. A user-friendly interface is sure to enhance the experience. 3. Kaspersky. The developer also offers a free edition without any tie restrictions. However, it’s the most basic product on the list. It offers only basic protection without any extras. Nearly perfect protection (according to independent test labs) makes up for it. Yet, users have a chance to use a password manager free of charge, but it requires a separate installation. Keep in mind that it doesn’t work in the USA. The simplest tool is sure to prevent data loss by blocking various threats. It runs on all major operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. 4. AVG. The company currently belongs to Avast, meaning the software uses the same advanced anti-malware engines. This free application is likely to deliver convenient services and decent protection. A user may cover all household devices with one program and use a straightforward and simple interface. 5. Sophos Home Free. This tool also got on the list due to the great features included in the free edition. It’s one of the few antivirus programs with parental control added to the free version. It makes the software perfect for families. The program also has good protection, which could be better. Discover the latest results from the independent test labs to see the current protection rate.

Useful tips on choosing free antivirus tools

If you want to keep your data safe, there are a few things to take care of. First of all, it’s essential to pick the software with a high level of malware detection. Rely on the test results to see which programs effectively block various threats before they get on the computer. Secondly, some extra features can become essential for data protection. For instance, a password manager comes in handy talking about password protection. Other features that increase the security levels are a VPN, parental control, identity protection tools, etc. Pick the edition that offers most of the things you plan on using to get the best possible experience.