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IDope as One of the Most-Visited Torrent Websites

What is a Torrent?

Even though torrenting is often compared to digital pirating, it is more about the technology of sharing information but not about content. In simple words, Torrent is a specific method that uses peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol, when users are both receivers and transmitters. Moreover, this method allows for breaking information into pieces, and each item can be downloaded separately. The whole process usually starts from a small text file, where all pieces of information are broken and signed to save order for further into the single file. Such a discrete process leads to a decrease of servers overloading as any user with even one item also becomes a server, while the process of downloading is still going.

Why Torrent platforms exist?

As of now, torrenting databases are under the tough attack of legal institutions, which try to protect the copyrights of authors. However, many people still want free games, music, films, and other media to be downloaded for further viewing. iDope is one of the most popular torrenting websites.

What features does iDope possess?

iDope is in the top-10 of global torrenting websites, and opens broad possibilities to its users and pays tribute to the legendary Kickass Torrents. This is another example of a minimalistic torrent search engine, which has a similar design to Google and also provides a search of needed files, gave additional popularity to the regarded platform. It presents numerous torrent files and links, while it is also considered as one of the easiest for usage. A user-friendly interface allows operating with this torrent site even for senior internet users. The considered torrent tracker is full of diverse media-content of the highest quality, which is a pleasant surprise for supporters of torrent usage.

What relates to the technological side, the regarded platform makes files sharing really rapid and convenient. Moreover, the safety of sharing is provided by specially developed proxies that are focused on making the process of Internet access fully private. iDope is famous among torrent lovers because of its boundless facilities and diversity of files for downloading.

However, qualitative content created severe problems for iDope. Thus, the platform was established in 2016 but faced several tries to block and close this torrenting base. It pushed developers to create a few mirror weblinks for more safety and stability for numerous users. Moreover, the government and right holders are continuing making relentless attempts to close iDope as the torrent site with a vast database. So, it is not a surprise that the regarded platform can be blocked in some countries.

What to do with danger and blocking issues?

Blocking, in addition to catching copyright infringers, can result even in huge penalties for torrent users. Because iDope is using a transparent protocol, it won’t be difficult to find you. However, the decision comes with VPN usage. This technology allows hiding your real IP address, making it appear that you are in another city, country, or even on another continent. Anonymity is backed by persistent encryption – even if your ISP wants to look at your traffic, they won’t see anything intelligible there.

To summarize

iDope is one of the most popular and most often visited torrenting platforms all over the world. It presents:

  • simple usage
  • varied content
  • high quality
  • vast database

However, we recommend using a VPN before visiting iDope as it increases both your security and anonymity, which is vital not only in the challenging torrenting world.