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5 Google Secrets You Never Knew Before

Even though Google is usually used to find something unknown, it has already implemented numerous tips to expand the opportunities of users. However, people rarely aware of the full range of specific tools that can really help or bring unexpected joy. Here are top-5 Google Secrets you have never known before:

  • Search tips. It sounds strange, but many people are not aware of the full range of searching possibilities the world giants provide. Even though more precise seeking through using quotes, plus, and minus are not Google secrets, looking for information by voice and image is still rarely used options.

However, those options are not the only tools to upgrade results. Thus, one can simplify the searching process by using a bunch of sources on one page, which allows grouping and comparing results without a need to change browser tabs. Among other Google secrets, the handwriting of characters also can help if one needs to translate an unknown word from another language. It is available on the branded translate page.

  • Technical possibilities. To expand the technical usage of the search engine, the company added several interesting tips that are not often used. Without a doubt, Google’s online calculator is a widespread option, but users can type “solve” or just insert an equation directly into the searching field to receive a result.

Nevertheless, Google secrets in the technical field are even more significant. Thus, long numbers’ pronunciation can be challenging, but not if you have the most popular seek engine in your hands. And don’t forget about the vast exchanging values and parameters available online!

  • All about traveling. Maps tools cannot be included in Google secrets, even if we add driving roots and the opportunity to include information about traffic. However, the ability to reserve and control air flights is not so commonly used option, which does not require visiting specific websites. Moreover, only a few individuals know that traveling can be virtual and use an online flying simulator instead of a costly game without a notable quality difference.
  • Presence outside Earth. Google maps have already become a cornerstone element in exploring Earth, including both surface and street view. Nevertheless, many will perceive as Google secrets an opportunity to travel outside our planet. Not so long ago, high-quality observations of the space were available only to scientists that used superpower telescopes. Now, everyone with the internet can travel through galaxies, and it looks somewhat great.

Even more astonishing looks the possibility to explore the surface of Mars as a potential spare planet for human living. Such an opportunity looks rather useful to increase the interest of astronomy in the school as now pupils can simply look at the specific space objects thanks to such Google secrets.

  • Google Chrome Experiments. It is hard to believe, but the world digital giant is developing in-browser tips for almost ten years. Using an open-source, the company makes Chrome usage more exciting without additional installations and overloading PC resources for simple gaming or joy receiving.

Do you want to play some simple games? Now it is possible to even without closing Chrome tabs. Does standard searching become boring? One can use gravity processing or spin the tab on a spiral trajectory to refresh imagination. Maybe, you were always wondering how your voice is close to Freddie Mercury? Or how close is your citizen to your location in another country? Not a problem with Google secrets that are available in Chrome on every device.